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Evergreen and Everlasting!

Evergreen and Everlasting!

Dandelion-Inc is a social media marketing firm. “Evergreen” content is a pillar of our purpose. What is “evergreen content”?   It is information, inspiration, and communication that is consistently relevant and everlasting.

With all the changes in the algorithms, privacy settings, and popular social media platforms, keeping up to date is exhausting. Your business’ return on investment could be killing it for months, then suddenly be brought to a slow crawl.

So, here’s our tip for you:   do what we are doing now… newsletters!   Grow your base and engagement through your own existing database. We all know the significance of relationships. We all know that referrals stem from those relationships. A newsletter is the perfect way to stand out and stay connected.

While the dynamic of emails will most likely change in the upcoming years, its primary function as a source of communication will not.  It is evergreen and everlasting.