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Evergreen and Everlasting!

Evergreen and Everlasting!

Our goal in business is to attract.  We want to bring awareness to what we do and why. We know it’s important to get our stories out, and for people to like us. We know a newsletter is a great tool to keep us on the forefronts of people’s minds.
So how do we grow our sphere of influence? How do we capture emails (aka first party data)?
We get there by generating lead magnets.
Some examples of lead magnets are:

  1. Quizzes
  2. Resources
  3. How-To Guides/eBooks
  4. Checklists
  5. Workshops/Trainings
  6. Free offerings
  7. Webinars

When you create your lead magnet know:

  1. One size does not fit all.

eBooks and How-To Guides are a great way to generate leads. But if you wrote a 25-page how-to guide on navigating My Space… well, I don’t think that would be generating too many leads for you today.  My God, think about how many social media how-to guides and tutorials have become irrelevant since the start of the pandemic merely two years ago.
But if you are lucky enough to be in an industry where the same question is always asked, and the answer is always the same:  use a lead magnet to help generate awareness of your product or your mission. In addition, you will eventually build the steam needed and backlinks to your website.
Quizzes are also a fun quick way to grab peoples’ interest and easy to create. The one below I created in under 5 minutes.
Dandelion-Inc’s tip to you is to try a few different ways and see which have the best results. Also be sure to make them evergreen. Those are the ones that will grow.