Dandelion is more than just a name. The unassuming flower is an emblem for the life mantra of Dandelion-Inc’s founder, Lisa Resnick.

Often overlooked, the sunny yellow flower is a symbol of hope and optimism, while its fluffy white seed head symbolizes transformation and endurance.  Like Ms. Resnick, dandelions have the power to grow where they are planted, no matter how rocky the soil.

From navigating the D.C. political scene to paving new paths in Youngstown real estate, Ms. Resnick has embodied the hope, optimism, transformation and endurance symbolized by the dandelion.

Her wish is to inspire other powerful yet overlooked individuals to grow their voice, their audience, and their business. 

What is Dandelion-Inc?

Dandelion-Inc is a custom social media marketing agency. We work with our clients to grow their business through telling their stories via social media marketing, engagement, brand awareness, and lead generation.

We personally partner with our clients to develop a strategic plan unique to you.   Our strategy is to leverage your unique story and existing community support to advance both current and future projects in both your personal and business objectives.


Dandelion-Inc’s mission is to uplift business owners by connecting their personal stories with their professional endeavors.  We strategically leverage social media, events, and online tutorials to connect you with your desired audience by telling your unique story.