Dandelion Discussions

Dandelion Discussions?
Dandelion Discussions are networking events designed by ambitious women for ambitious women.   

Unlike traditional networking events, however, the evening’s objective extends far beyond awkward small talk and trading business cards.

On the contrary, Dandelion Discussion events feature intriguing guest speakers that naturally encourage group dialogue and individual connection.   

Today’s working woman shoulders a super-human load of responsibilities: 
We are caretakers of family and friends.
We strive to maintain optimal fitness
We often bear most of the load of daily home maintenance and chores

And then, after all of that,  we go to work, where a multitude of professional obligations and dreams simultaneously haunt and inspire us.  At Dandelion, we hope to carve out a time and space where ladies can trade inspiration, ideas, tips….and the occasional business card.

Whether she be a seasoned professional, or an upstart entrepreneur, Dandelion women know that behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.


Dandelion-Inc’s mission is to uplift business owners by connecting their personal stories with their professional endeavors.  We strategically leverage social media, events, and online tutorials to connect you with your desired audience by telling your unique story.